Vintage Science Fiction Month Update

Vintage SciFi

A Quick Update On Vintage Science Fiction Month

Red Star Reviews has posted an update about the Dune group read along for Vintage Science Fiction month in January. There will be a #ReadDune hashtag to help keep track of and follow along with posts. There will be a target reading goal each week and group DMs on Instagram and Twitter to which anyone interested will be invited. When its all said and done everyone will watch the 80’s movie together (if you want). Check out the post with all the details here. Also see my original Vintage Science Fiction Month post which includes links to more general information about what it’s all about.

I’ve added another book to my reading list for this event…

IMG_3372.jpgThe Forever War has been on my list of SF must reads for a little while now and I finally picked it up this weekend thanks to a gift card I received from the in-laws. It seems everything I’ve read says it’s the best science fiction war novel ever written. I’ll have to see if it lives up to the hype. And since it was published in 1974 it’s older than I am and therefore qualifies!

This gives me three books to read for the month (along with Dune and Stranger In A Strange Land). I don’t want to add any more in the off chance I can’t get them all read. I’ll be participating in the Dune read along and will probably start with The Forever War as my first read for the month on my own.

Anyone else gonna participate in Vintage Science Fiction Month? If so leave a message and let me know what you’re thinking about reading. And go follow Red Star Reviews for updates as well as @VintageSciFiMonth_ (with the underscore at the end) on Twitter.

2 thoughts on “Vintage Science Fiction Month Update

  1. I read The Forever War for Vintage SF Month last year. Excellent book. It is at least a part a reaction to Starship Troopers. At some point I want to finally read Starship Troopers and then go back and read the other major works in response to it (Bill the Galactic Hero and Old Man’s War) and rewatch the movie (maybe even watch the terrible sequels!).

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