Follow Friday: Every Day Should Be Tuesday


For my second Follow Friday post I thought I’d give a shout-out to the first blog and blogger I followed in the book-blogger world and the one that made me think about starting my own blog: H.P. over at Every Day Should Be Tuesday.

IMG_3465.jpgIt all started when I read H.P.’s review of The Guns Above, by Robyn Bennis. Back in the Spring of 2017 I made a decision to really dive back into reading fantasy. I’ve always been a big reader and I’ve been a fantasy fan since my teen years. But since 2008 my focus had mainly been theology (because of school) and history (because I’m a nerd). My fiction reading in general and my fantasy reading in particular had taken a huge hit for years. But even before 2008 my fantasy reading was primarily D&D series like Dragonlance and The Forgotten Realms with a few other series like A Song of Ice And Fire and The Lord of The Rings thrown in. I wanted to broaden my horizons and go deeper so I started checking out upcoming releases advertised by my local bookstore and by the major publishers. I saw The Guns Above, Googled it, and found Every Day Should Be Tuesday. I started reading reviews, found him on Twitter, followed him on Twitter, talked to him on Twitter, tried not to be a weird stalker on Twitter, you know how it goes. Before long I was debating starting my own blog and H.P. encouraged me to go for it. Continue reading

Follow Friday: Bethan May Books

I’ve been wanting to start a Follow Friday (#FF) series for a while and now’s the time. OK, I’ll be honest and admit I’m feeling a little guilty. You see, last month as part of Wyrd And Wonder, Beth over at Bethan May Books published a “Follow Friday” post each Friday where she featured reviews from bloggers she follows. One of those weeks she included me. Beth is across the pond so I didn’t realize the post was up until I woke up Friday morning and saw a bunch of twitter notifications. My first thought was, “uh-oh…what’d I say that pissed off so many people!?” Thankfully it was just a lot of likes and new follows. I was both honored and humbled to say the least. And as I thought about it I realized this was yet another example of what I love about sci-fi/fantasy/book twitter and the blogosphere. For the most part the whole community is super supportive and generous. So I thought I’d give back a little too and start giving a shout-out to some of the bloggers I follow. Continue reading