Interview With Lesley Conner About Invisible Threads

Off The TBR_ Interview

I’ve got a little something different for everyone today. Lesley Conner, the Managing Editor for Apex Book Company is joining me to discuss a new project that has me really excited…Invisible Threads: An Anthology About Defying Social Threads; a speculative fiction anthology about overcoming the insidious social, cultural, and economic threads that hold us back. Be sure to check out the Kickstarter link at the bottom of the page before you go. Continue reading

Author Interview: Nancy O’Toole Meservier


Today I’m excited because I have Indie/Self-Published author Nancy O’Toole Meservier joining me here on Off The TBR for a little chat as part of her blog tour for Black And Blue!


Nancy is the author of the Red And Black series, which as of July 29th is now up to two books with the publication of Black And Blue. Red And Black is superhero urban fantasy with perhaps a little bit of a romance twist. Let’s talk to Nancy and find out more… Continue reading

Author Interview: William Ray


Today marks the first ever Author Interview on Off The TBR! William Ray graciously accepted my interview request and I want to take a moment to thank him.


Ray is the self-published author of the Tales Of The Verin Empire series which at this point consists of two full length novels, Gedlund and The Great Restoration and a short story, A Case of Eager Heirs . You can read my reviews of those novels by clicking on the links in the titles above. Continue reading