Vintage Science Fiction Month

Vintage SciFi

January is Vintage Science Fiction Month!

I didn’t know about this until a couple nights ago and I’m kind of excited. Andrea over at the Little Red Reviewer apparently started it and has a new post explaining more here. Basically you select some vintage SF to read, blog about, watch, whatever. There isn’t a hard and fast rule for what makes it vintage, but the general guideline seems to be SF written before your birth year. This year there is talk of a Dune read along and maybe even a live tweeting of the 1984 Dune Movie among other things. See the post linked above for more.

What’s this mean for me? Well for starters it means I’ve added two more books to my TBR. Thankfully I already own them so I’m saving a little money AND saving any comments from others in the house who shall not be named about reading what I’ve got before I buy more. Crazy talk I know.

I’m going to re-read Dune perhaps as part of the read along. I also added Heinlein’s Stranger In A Strange Land to the pile. I read Dune almost 20 years ago so it’s due for another pass through a more mature lens. We’ll see what insights old me has that young me didn’t. I’ve never read anything by Heinlein and I’ve been staring at Stranger In A Strange Land on the shelf for more years than I care to admit (nearly two decades…yeah don’t say it). I’ve got a couple ideas for other books I can add if I finish those two but I’m not making any promises to myself just yet.

What excites me about Vintage Science Fiction Month is now I have motivation to read some classic SF that I keep saying I want to get to, but keep finding excuses not to. Yeah I don’t really need a month devoted to the idea to do it, but reading with a group will be more fun. I think. Who knows I may hate it. But I’m doing it. Why don’t you do it with us?

Let me know what vintage SF you think you might read in January in the comments below. And check out the twitter feed @VintageSciFi_ (with the underscore at the end) for more as the month approaches.

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