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And just like that the review request window is closed once again. Sigh. I ended up with a bunch of requests right out of the gate when I opened the blog to reviews again and I have a bunch of titles on my TBR I really want to work through. So for the time being I’m not accepting any more NEW review requests.* Hopefully this will only be a short window closure and I’ll be open for requests again in a couple/few months. Fingers crossed.



Who Can Request A Review? 

I accept review requests from the following:

  • Authors
  • Publishers
  • Publicists

If you send me a review request, please include information about the book and any links to the author or publishers web pages/social media accounts that my be helpful in determining whether to accept the request.

What To Expect From Me

I think it’s only fair to let you know a little of what you can expect from me if I accept your review request.

  • If you request a review I will give you a general time-frame for when I think I can get your book read and reviewed. This is not a promise or guarantee it will be completed by that date, just an estimated time frame. I usually plan my reading schedule about a month or so in advance so I may already have other books slotted for the near future. I typically only read 3-4 books a month and write reviews on the weekends (just to give you an idea of my schedule).
  • I will post the review and give it a rating. This will be true EVEN IF I GIVE IT A BAD RATING. I put that last bit in large font and underline because I want to be clear up front that if I don’t like the book, even if it is a DNF, I’m still going to review and rate it. I look at it this way…If I put time into reading it when I could have read something else it’s getting some commentary from me. That’s not me trying to be a jerk, it’s just me respecting my time. If you’re worried about getting a bad review you should reconsider the request. See my Rating Scale page for more about how I rate and what it means.

What I Read

I primarily read speculative fiction. So if you have a book in that broad genre category and would like a review I’ll consider it. I reserve the right to refuse requests for any reason.

  • My primary reading sub-genres within speculative fiction are fantasy and science fiction. I read more fantasy than science fiction but I enjoy both.
  • I don’t read much YA but I will.
  • I don’t typically read romance though I’m not totally opposed to it. Just know that it isn’t normally my thing so I may not be the best person to review your book if it is primarily romance. I’m trying to expand my horizons in this area so I’m open to it, but if you’re looking for good exposure you might look for someone else to request a review from first.
  • I also don’t usually read westerns (unless you’re talking the steampunk/SF versions of westerns). I will read them and have in the past, but as I noted above this is a spec-fic blog so if yours is a western please don’t ask me to review it unless it is a spec-fic western.
  • I do not read erotic fiction. Please don’t ask me to.

Book Format

I prefer actual hard copy books to read and review. However I understand about printing and mailing costs, especially for self-published authors so I also accept books I can download to my Kindle. I do not listen to audio books.

My reviews are not academic reviews. I don’t think most readers are looking for that. I’ll let you know what I thought and I’ll be honest. I do write long reviews however and they are often detailed. I’ve tried writing short reviews and seem to fail every time. Take a look at some of my past reviews for examples of how they look and feel. My “template” has evolved some over the past year and may evolve some more but my recent reviews are a good idea of what to expect though I make no promises as to content.

If you have questions, or if you’d like to request a review you can contact me in the following ways:


Or by using the contact form below: