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It pains me to have to say this but I’m not accepting review requests for the time being. This really sucks because I’ve had some really good stuff come my way through review requests that have come through the blog and from requests I’ve put in to publishers myself.

Since February I’ve been swamped with work and family commitments which have kept me from completing any new reviews.  I’ve been putting in a lot of extra hours at work, staying later and working most weekends (which is when I prefer to write), and then there’s just been a lot of family events (kids’s extra curriculars, family time, Spring Break, family gatherings, etc). Later this week I’m off to Washington D.C. for the middle kid’s 5th grade field trip. It’s meant that when I do have free time my mind and/or body is too tired to sit down and write. I’ve been working on one review for a couple weeks, writing a paragraph here and there every so often. It sucks, but work pays the bills, and I won’t miss the family time – it’s too important.

Right now I’ve got at least four reviews to write on books I’ve already read, and three more books to read and review that I’ve already committed to. Until I knock these out I can’t really justify taking on any more. I’ve even changed up my reading list so I’m only reading books I don’t plan on reviewing until I get caught up. Hopefully work will ease up soon and I’ll find more time for reviews, and once summer comes along the kids won’t have as much going on. Once I’m caught up I’ll open the blog up to requests again.

Until then be on the lookout for some reviews to trickle out of here and let me know about all of your awesome new reads…because getting behind doesn’t mean I can’t add books to my WANT list.


OK, I know nobody is going to be contacting me anytime soon to request a review of their book, but if you do…

I primarily read speculative fiction. So if you have a book in that broad genre category and would like a review I’ll consider it. I reserve the right to refuse requests for any reason.

I don’t read romance or erotic fiction, and generally don’t read westerns (unless the steampunk/SF versions of westerns). I sometimes read YA but not often.

My reviews are not academic reviews. I don’t think most readers are looking for that. I’ll let you know what I thought and I’ll be honest. See the “Ratings System” tab for more on how I determine the overall rating.

If you have questions, or if you’d like to request a review you can contact me in the following ways:


Or by using the contact form below: