We all have one. Whether you read maybe one book a year (if that) or you read 50 books a year, you have a to be read pile. It’s that stack of books you’ve bought or been gifted that sits on a shelf, a bedside table, or a in pile on the floor calling out, “read me.” Some of us feel guilty about the TBR; Some of us ignore it; Some of us love it. If there is one hard and fast rule about the TBR it never seems to shrink in size. If anything it only grows over time taking over that shelf, table, or room. For those of us who love books let’s be honest, we all know the reason why…because you can never have too many books.

Whenever we pick up a book, crack open the cover, and settle our eyes onto the page we confront the pile. Our reasons for doing so differ  – for some it’s out of pure love of reading, for others because we’ve run out of space, and yeah for many it’s because a parent, spouse, or some significant other demands we not buy another book until the others are read (*whisper* they are crazy people). Whatever our reasons for doing so we are making that vain attempt to conquer the pile. We will fail in our endeavor, but it will be a fantastic failure.

So let’s pull a book off the TBR and conquer the pile together. It will be an amazing journey. See you at the top…


Off the TBR is about books. I primarily read speculative fiction, but I love other genre’s as well (not romance novels though…ugh…no). I also love to read history and other non-fiction but I don’t do it as often as I used to. Expect to see book reviews and my musings about books. Beyond that who knows.


Hi I’m Jason – Middle aged, husband, father, Florida native, and book lover. I first fell in love with reading in elementary school with Treasure Island. I mean who wouldn’t, it had pirates and sailing ships, and a young boy (just like me) who was the hero. Not long after that I made my first foray into adult level fiction when my father lent me his copy of The Hunt For Red October. Yes I read it in elementary school (it had cuss words – it was great)!  I devoured that book and went back for seconds.

I didn’t start reading SFF until middle school however. I was in eighth grade and I started seeing friends carrying around this book with three characters on the cover, a woodsman with a bow, a woman in animal skins, and a knight in full armor. Behind them on a small hill lurked a red dragon. Feeling like I was the last to pick up on a trend I borrowed it from a friend and read into the wee hours of the morning. Dragons of Autumn Twilight introduced me to a whole other world of fiction and I’ve been hooked ever since.

In college I studied history and in grad school theology. I once had dreams of being a professor but a Ph.D. was a bridge too far. I also entertained thoughts of becoming a writer but that too has never panned out.

Now I live in the Bluegrass, work full-time in an admin job, spend time with the family, and enjoy traveling (when we can afford it). My love of books has never gone away though. And since I’m not writing my own book I figured why not write about other people’s books? I mean I know everyone out there is clamoring to know what I think right?