Month In Review: Nov 2017


I started this blog almost a month ago (Nov 5th). So far it’s been pretty fun. When I published my first post I was really just trying to get the thing up and running and hadn’t spent much time figuring out anything beyond a basic layout. I’m still brainstorming ideas for the blog in terms of posts other than the basic book review and I’ve got a few things in mind. One idea that may or may not continue is this post, a monthly review of what’s gone on, and a preview perhaps of what’s to come.


Book Reviews

I finished three books this month and wrote reviews on each. Two were long reviews and one a short review (with no rating). Click the link in the title of each to read the review.


Sea Of Rust

If you grew up loving Mad Max and Terminator movies but wanted to know what really happened after Skynet won the war, C. Robert Cargill has the answer in the dystopian science fiction thriller Sea Of Rust. Pull up a chair, grab your favorite caffeinated beverage and strap yourself in for one of the best SF books of the year.



IMG_3355.jpgPromise Of Blood

Black powder and magic clash in a tale of rebellion and vengeance set in a world reminiscent of revolutionary France in Brian McClellan’s Promise Of Blood. This first installment of The Powder Mage Trilogy is gritty, action packed, and filled with intrigue. If you’re a fan of the fantasy genre and haven’t already picked this one up, run to your local bookstore (or online account) and get it. Trust me.



IMG_3319.jpgThe Human Division

While The Human Division isn’t a groundbreaking novel it was a fun light read and probably my second favorite book of the series. If you like space adventure/space opera and characters with witty humorous dialogue you’ll enjoy this series and this book, and I’d recommend them both.

Other Posts

Besides book reviews I published a few other posts. As above, click on the link in each post title to read the post in full.

The TBR Short Stack


This was a post about my TBR short stack…my small to be read pile; the one sitting in the cabinet beside my reading chair. This is the pile of books I’ve selected to read next in no particular order. The short stack is not to be confused with all the other books in the house that are on my to read list. Those other books will sit on shelves collecting dust until I finish the short stack, and until I quit adding to it with other books that catch my eye and I pick up week to week. I’m like a dog seeing a squirrel that way.

Vintage Science Fiction Month

Vintage SciFi

January is Vintage Science Fiction Month! I found out about this through some other book bloggers I follow and thought it might be fun. Check out the original post for more details and join us if you like. There’s a potential Dune read along and maybe even a live tweeting of the 1984 movie. I’m thinking of reading Dune, and Stranger In A Strange Land, though that could still change.

The Fall Book Tag

Fall Book Tag

This was a fun little book tag started by Shanah at Bionic Book Worm with fall book categories. Select your favorite book for each category and go to town. See the post for details and graphics.


As I said earlier I’m still working on ideas for the blog. I’ll have a longer post exploring my thoughts probably sometime close to the new year. By the end of December I hope to add one or more “best of” posts for 2017. I’ll probably have one with a focus on books published in 2017, and another for books I’ve read in 2017 no matter the publishing date. I may also have another TBR Short Stack post updating how that looks…cuz yeah It’s grown a bit.

I also hope to get two or three more reviews in before the end of the year. Right now I’m reading this awesome book…


I’m really enjoying Kings Of The Wyld by Nicholas Eames. Think Rock Band decides to get together for one last tour, but it’s fantasy so we’re talking about a “band” of mercenaries. It even has a soundtrack to go along with it!

Hopefully I’ll get a review up by the end of the weekend or early next week. I’ve got family coming to town so there may be a slight delay.

I also hope to read and review The City Of Brass by S. A. Chakraborty and Blackwing by Ed McDonald before the end of the year. With Christmas coming up we’ll see what I can get done.


Hope you’ve enjoyed the first month of Off The TBR! I’ve enjoyed hosting it. I’ll be working to make it better as time goes on. I’ll be curious to see how things are a year from now. As always let me know your thoughts in the comments. Until next time happy reading!

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