The Boy Who Walked Too Far Book Tour


Today is my stop on The Boy Who Walked Too Far book tour! 

Let me say at the outset that I haven’t read this book. I knew when I signed up for the tour with Storytellers On Tour that I wouldn’t have time to read it before the event began, but I REALLY wanted to take part. Why you ask? Well, not long before the sign-up request went out I’d read a really positive review of the book that made me put it on my want list. It just sounded so damn cool. So when the request went out for tour roadies I decided I’d have to join in some way even if I couldn’t read and review it just yet.

So instead of a review today I’ve got something that may entice you a little bit too… Continue reading

Self-Published Fantasy Month 2020 Kick-Off


So, in all the excitement of the past couple of days I totally forgot to post here about the kick-off of Self-Published Fantasy Month!

September 1st marked the beginning of Self-Published Fantasy Month. I’ve mentioned it here on the blog and on Twitter in recent weeks and months and it’s finally here!

For those who don’t know what I’m talking about, I’ve hosted Self-Published Fantasy Month here on the blog for the past couple of years. In a nutshell it is an attempt to bring attention to great self-published fantasy. In the past it has mostly consisted of book reviews and the occasional author interview or guest post. Other bloggers would take part at times as well. This year I branched out and asked a few other bloggers to give me a hand and form a team to put on the event. And wow, it is SO MUCH BETTER THAN IT EVER WAS BEFORE!

I don’t want to spend a lot of time and word space on it here. Instead I want to direct you to the event website There you’ll find everything you need to know about what’s going on. But here’s a quick overview of what you can expect:

  • Book Reviews
  • Guest Posts
  • Author Interviews
  • Daily Instagram and Twitter photo challenges
  • Podcasts
  • A Read Along
  • Book Giveaways

And there are many ways you can participate too. You can write reviews (and get a reviewer badge for your blog), join the read along, participate in the daily challenge, enter the giveaways and more. For more detail see the event Kick Off Post for information. Then follow us on the platforms below…

Twitter: @SelfPubFanMonth
Instagram: @selfpubfanmonth

I hope you’ll decide to join us for what I hope and expect to be an amazing event.

– Jason

Review Redo: Banebringer


Recently the Self-Published Fantasy Month Team posted a list of some self-published fantasy recs for those who have not read much self-published fantasy and don’t know where to start with finding a good book to read. Our hope was to offer up a few suggestions each while admitting the list would leave out a bunch of great books and authors. I hate leaving out great stories so I decided to re-post the reviews of all the self-published fantasy books I’ve really enjoyed over the last few years. Over the coming days and weeks I’ll be re-posting them here in the lead up to Self-Published Fantasy Month. My hope is you might find one that catches your interest for September!

Today’s installment is Carol A. Park’s Banebringer.  I should note that Park is the spouse of fellow SPFM team member Calvin Park, but that doesn’t mean I’m boosting her book for that reason. I thoroughly enjoyed it and hope you will too. Continue reading

Blog Page Update: Self-Published Reviews

Off The TBR_ Blog Page Update

I’ve been meaning to work on editing and updating my blog for…(checks calendar)…years. Other than a few tweaks to my rating system page the only thing I’ve really done is add more reviews and other blog posts to my Home Page/Archives. I did add a new page devoted to The Great Series Read Project recently but it is still kind of unfinished. The blog is a bit of a mess and needs some attention. Continue reading

The Great Series Read Project

Off The TBR_ The Great Series Read Project

I have a problem.

And be honest with me…you have this problem too.

We see a new book series that looks awesome as hell, read the first book, and then get distracted by some new series that comes out (like a dog chasing a squirrel) and we never get around to finishing the series. Or maybe we don’t finish due to financial issues or some other reason. But we all do it. Don’t pretend you don’t. Yeah I know some of you wait until a series is finished and binge the whole thing, but not all of you. Not most of you.

And I don’t know about you, but I ALWAYS intend to go back and finish these series that I’ve neglected. Sometimes I do. Many times I don’t.

You know what I’ve been missing? Something to motivate me other than guilt. That is until Caitlin G. launched The Great Series Read Project over on her blog Realms of My Mind. Caitlin compiled a list of the series she’s started but not finished, then added series she’s completed or is up to date on, and then added some “candidate” series for the future. Her plan is to read one book a month back-to-back until she completes a series. Once she posted about it on her blog I told her I was stealing the idea. Since then Imyril over at There’s Always Room For One More, Lisa from Dear Geek Place, and Susy over at Susy’s Cozy World have joined the project. Below are links to their lists… Continue reading

What I’m Reading: Legacy of Ash

Off The TBR_ What I'm Reading

I’m trying a few new things this year to add some variety to the blog. One of them is to let you know what I”m currently reading. I have no idea if you care, or if you’ll find it interesting but I’m gonna try it out for a while and see.

I also have to admit I’m writing this today because I’ve been sick for over a week (first a bad cold that turned into the crud) and I’m still not in the right headspace to write a review this weekend even though I really need to get a couple of them written. Continue reading

Christmas Eve Reads: 2019


Time for my annual Christmas Eve reads post…

Christmas is filled with traditions. You know this even if you don’t celebrate the holiday. Here in the U.S. you can’t avoid the craziness of the nationwide offering to Mammon that is Black Friday and the entire shopping season during the run up to Christmas Day. The stores are filled with holiday items for sale the moment Halloween is over. And then there’s the Christmas music, because there’s always at least one person you know who wants to listen to nothing but Christmas music all day, every day, from Thanksgiving Halloween until Christmas day. There’s always one. If you do celebrate Christmas then add to that Christmas Eve services, family gatherings, Christmas dinner, office parties, gift exchanges, leaving cookies and milk for Santa, and opening gifts on Christmas morning. Traditions. Continue reading

My 2nd Blogiversary

A couple of days ago I quietly hit the two year mark for the blog. I wasn’t going to say anything and just let it slip by. I’m not really big on celebrating big events in my life, I don’t like a lot of attention on my birthday, or Father’s Day or things like that. But the more I thought about it the last couple of days the more I wanted to say SOMETHING about this milestone. And the thing I most wanted to say? Continue reading

Author Interview: Nancy O’Toole Meservier


Today I’m excited because I have Indie/Self-Published author Nancy O’Toole Meservier joining me here on Off The TBR for a little chat as part of her blog tour for Black And Blue!


Nancy is the author of the Red And Black series, which as of July 29th is now up to two books with the publication of Black And Blue. Red And Black is superhero urban fantasy with perhaps a little bit of a romance twist. Let’s talk to Nancy and find out more… Continue reading