Rating System


I rate books on a 5 star scale. The most basic explanation is this:

5 Stars: I loved this book! I’m going to tell everyone to read it even if hey don’t normally like the genre and if they probably won’t read it anyway. Very few criticisms if any.

4 Stars: I really liked this book. I’m going to tell everyone who loves the genre to put this on their TBR. There were a few criticisms but still not enough to detract from the story.

3 Stars: I didn’t love it but I didn’t hate it. It could be the book just wasn’t for me, or that I liked it but there were a few things missing to kick it up to the next category, or maybe there were enough criticisms that I felt it got in the way of the story. That doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy it though.

2 Stars: I didn’t really like it. I found plenty of things to criticize. Will not be recommending it to anyone.

1 Star: I hated this book. I either couldn’t finish it or just hated the story that bad. Will recommend people steer clear of it.

Now…all that being said I will also give .5 ratings in between those above (3.5 or 4.5). You’re all reasonably smart people so I’m sure you can figure out the grey in between.

Most of my reviews will be 3 Stars or above. This is because like most of you, when I sit down to read I’m not looking to find things wrong with the story and I genuinely anticipate a fun and enjoyable experience. I rarely hate a book so much that it will fall below 3 Stars. Maybe that’s grade inflation or maybe not, but my point is I don’t rate on a bell curve.


For now Here’s a link to my post about my rating criteria. I’ll clean up this page soon and get it looking better.