Self-Published Fantasy Month 2019: Week 2 Update


I realized that I’m a couple days late on the update for week 2 of Self-Published Fantasy Month. That’s partly because we had a bunch of kids in the house for a late birthday sleepover  over the weekend, and then I procrastinated a little. All my fault. But better late than never right? So I’m gonna just jump right to it. Here’s a quick recap of the past week up through Sunday evening.

A Twitter Account!


It dawned on me sometime last week that I’d never created a Twitter account for Self-Published Fantasy Month. Other themed months seem to have one so why not this one? I wanted to kick myself for not doing it week 1, but what are you gonna do? OK, fine I could kick myself like I said, but I’d hurt myself and that’d be bad. So instead I created a Twitter account.

For those of you who would like to follow along (and encourage your friends to follow along) you can find Self-Published Fantasy Month on Twitter at @SelfPubFanMonth. I’m still catching up on follows and trying to stay caught up on posts. I thought keeping up with one Twitter account was hard, but two Twitter accounts is…well…harder. If you tweet anything using the hashtag #SelfPubFantasyMonth I’ll be on the lookout and try to boost it. I’ll be looking for related content without the hashtag but may not notice it as quickly or easily.


For the blog posts below I’m only listing those reviews or posts that were specifically tagged as a #SelfPubFantasyMonth post on Twitter, or if I noted they were writing for Self-Published Fantasy Month within the review. There were other reviews of self-published books and related posts throughout the week but I’m only referencing those noted by their authors specifically. If I missed your post let me know and I’ll boost it.


On Sunday I posted my review for Tales of Kingshold, by D.P. Woolliscroft. Tales Of Kingshold is written with Woolliscroft’s usual style mix of humor and serious action with a sprinkling of pathos here and there at just the right moments. In it you’ll find old characters you love, new characters you’ll want to read more about, and additional world-building details you won’t want to miss. You can find the full review here.


Paul over at Pauls Picks (@Highlander27 on Twitter) reviewed The God King’s Legacy, by Richard Nell. In it he noted, “These novellas move Kings of Paradise up my TBR and get me excited for more of The God King’s Chronicles.” You can find the full review here.


Paul also reviewed Skeleton With A Heart, by Michael Chatfield. Paul had this to say:

“The first book in Chatfield’s new series, Skeleton with a Heart is a rollicking tale of two very different but likable characters. An elf who is trying to stop a cataclysm and a Guardian who has centuries-old amnesia. Filled with powerful familiars and righting justice, this book is an absolute joy.”

You can find Paul’s full review here.

Other Posts

Caitlin G. over at Realms Of My Mind devoted a post to discussing her First Step Into A Larger World: Learning To Embrace Self-Published Fantasy. In it she discusses becoming aware of self-published books and the self-published community, discovering the quality of self-published books, and shared some of the self-published books/authors she read over the past year along with her self-published TBR.

Be sure to check out Caitlin’s blog and follow her on Twitter @SCmoviegirl.

What’s Coming


I’m currently reading Fortune’s Fool, by Angela Boord. I hope to get it finished and have a review up sometime over the weekend (crosses fingers). So far I’m REALLY enjoying this one. This feels like a really good character driven novel with some good detail in the world-building so far. Boord hooked me early and I’m totally on board with wanting to get revenge on one character in particular. What’s really surprising me though is how much I’m enjoying the slow-burn romance that’s going on. This from a guy who doesn’t normally rave about romance in books. More to come on this one.

Please Join In The Fun

I’d love for more of you get involved in discussing and reviewing Self-Published Fantasy With me. The month is only half over so there’s still plenty of time to join in. Whether you want to write a review, conduct an author interview, or just discuss your favorite self-published fantasy topic it’s up to you. If you do join in, please link your post back to me in some way so I’ll know, and/or use the #SelfPubFantasyMonth hashtag on Twitter. Also feel free to steal the Self-Published Fantasy Month banner at the top of this post and use it in your own if you like. If there are any authors interested in a guest-post let me know as well and we can discuss. I’m looking forward to all of your thoughts.

– Jason


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