What I’m Reading: Oh That Shotgun Sky

Blog post banner. Cover of Oh That Shotgun Sky by Sarah Chorn Superimposed over zoomed in and blurred image of same cover. Text reads "What I'm Reading" and "Off The TBR."

After a short break where I was reading a couple traditionally published novels I’m right into the swing of things with a self-published offering. If you read my recent goals post you know I’m hoping to even out my traditionally published reads with self-published reads to be about 50/50 this year. The book I’m about to start is one I’ve been looking forward to and dreading. I’ll explain why below.

So What am I reading? Well…it’s Oh That Shotgun Sky by Sarah Chorn.

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Book Review: Of Honey And Wildfires


I sat down on a recent Wednesday night to start reading Of Honey And Wildfires. This would be my third read for Self-Published Fantasy Month and the first book from Sarah Chorn I’d ever read. I was relaxed, in a good mood, and looking forward to the read because I’d seen nothing but great reviews for Sarah’s books. But I also knew from those reviews that I might be in for some feels. Reader…I wasn’t prepared.

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