Vintage Science Fiction Month

Vintage SciFi

January is Vintage Science Fiction Month!

I didn’t know about this until a couple nights ago and I’m kind of excited. Andrea over at the Little Red Reviewer apparently started it and has a new post explaining more here. Basically you select some vintage SF to read, blog about, watch, whatever. There isn’t a hard and fast rule for what makes it vintage, but the general guideline seems to be SF written before your birth year. This year there is talk of a Dune read along and maybe even a live tweeting of the 1984 Dune Movie among other things. See the post linked above for more. Continue reading

The TBR Short Stack


So what is the TBR short stack? For me it’s my small to be read pile; the one sitting in the cabinet beside my reading chair. This is the pile of books I’ve selected to read next in no particular order. The short stack is not to be confused with all the other books in the house that are on my to read list. Those other books will sit on shelves collecting dust until I finish the short stack, and until I quit adding to it with other books that catch my eye and I pick up week to week. I’m like a dog seeing a squirrel that way.

Currently I have eight books on the short stack not including what I’m reading now. Here they are in no particular order with a little blurb about why they’re on the stack: Continue reading