Some 2020 Reading & Blogging Goals

Off The TBR Reading & Blogging Goals

It’s midway through February and I’m finally writing up a 2020 Reading & Blogging Goals post. Truth be told I thought long and hard about not doing one at all this year. I’m not the kind of guy who makes new year’s resolutions and ever since starting the blog I’ve been hesitant about setting goals. My reason is probably the same as many of you have for not doing it; I’m bad about sticking with them. Continue reading

2019 Reading And Blogging Goals IX: Mid Year Update


Wow…the year is half-way over. Like many of you I’ve hit this point in the year and I’m feeling like I’m behind on reading and reviews and life is just crazy busy. It seems like this happens to me every year. I set goals that may be too high, or over-commit to a few too many things, or life just gets busy, or all of the above. This year isn’t as bad as last year though thank goodness.

I haven’t done one of these updates since about April. This one will be be a little different though because I’m not discussing specific goals. Instead this post is going to touch on some big picture things for the remainder of the year including an Indie-Publishing Month, and a Read-Along. Continue reading

2018 Reading Goals

So I’ve been mulling over setting some reading goals for the new year. I don’t like setting hard goals to meet and I never make New Year’s resolutions. But, I do have some general goals I’d like to accomplish this year and going forward.

When I started the blog back in November I didn’t have any goals other than start the damn blog! Then once it launched I tried to post at least twice a week. That was it really. But now that I’m a matured and seasoned blogger (of about two months) it’s time to get serious. In a non-committal kind of way. So here’s a few or more general things I’d like to start doing.


IMG_3522.jpgThis year I want to read at least one debut novel a month. I know, right there like two paragraphs above I said I don’t like setting hard goals, and here I’ve set a number. Shush…I can do what I want, it’s my blog.

Anyway, I’d like to read at least one debut novel each month. For a long time I’ve only read books after the author is established. But that means I miss out on the excitement of finding a new author and getting to tell everyone about them. And yeah it may mean I read a few duds, but my guess is I find some gems too. If 2017 was any example there is great potential for some awesome new fiction. So, one new debut a month and by the end of the year maybe I can post a decent best of 2018 list.

For January my debut is Senlin Ascends by Josiah Bancroft. Now I know, this isn’t exactly a debut because he self-published it a few years ago, but it just got picked up by Orbit and released today. It was his debut novel, and I’m treating it as a debut for 2018. Continue reading