December 2020 Indie/SelfPub Book Haul: Set 3

Saturday I hauled a bunch of books. Like 17 books. Now my TBR that was already a mile high and ready to collapse is just a heap on the floor. I blame Twitter.

You see on Saturday the kind folks over at r/fantasy hosted a 2020 Holiday Megasale. It was a one day only sale with over 100 authors and 250 titles all of which were free or just $0.99 each. And all of them were indie/self-published authors. So naturally I had to buy some because that’s what one does. I ended up with seventeen books for just $3.00 which was a steal.

I’ve been a slacker about Book Haul posts the last few months but I really wanted to put this one together because I love supporting indie/self-published authors as much as I can. So for the next few days I’m gonna post a handful of the books I hauled and why.

I posted Set One on Monday, and Set Two yesterday. Here’s the third and final set…

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