Blog Page Update: A Slump

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It’s been about 17 days or so since I last posted something here on the blog. It’s been ten days or so since I’ve read a book. It’s official folks…I’m in a slump.

I’m not sure what happened but all of a sudden a couple weeks ago it hit me and hit me hard. I’d started a new review (for a book I really liked) and just had no desire to finish it. I was in the middle of reading another book (which I was really enjoying) and just had no desire to sit and read at night. Hell, it’s all I can do right now just keep up the desire to finish this post.

There are some other factors playing into all this…the end of June and beginning of July are always busy for me at work and so I was putting in more hours and a little more tired than usual. We had to travel to pick up my son who had been staying with his grandparents for a few weeks. Then recently those same grandparents let us know they were coming to town a little unexpectedly to deliver some furniture to us (which was awesome), which meant days of cleaning the house before they arrived. So I was a little busier with other things than normal. That might explain the lack of blog posts and reviews, but not the absence of any desire to read. That one I can’t really explain. My head just isn’t in it.

At the same time I’ve been wanting to spend more time with the family doing family things. I keep looking at the kids and seeing them get older and knowing I’ve only got a limited amount of time left before they leave the house for college and…well…I want to spend more of my free time doing things with them. I don’t want to miss that. So yeah I’m trading time I’d normally spend on this hobby for time with them which I don’t regret in the least. But it’s a factor in all this too. One thing I’m trying to work on with them is establishing a regular family game night for Dungeons & Dragons, or other games. That will take a lot of prep time and will also pull me away from this and I’m cool with that.

Anyway, all this to explain why you may not have seen anything from me lately. I’m still here. I’m just in a rut and haven’t figured out how to climb out of it yet, and to be honest I feel a little content to sit down here in the shade and relax a bit. I still have books to read and I still have reviews to write. It just may be a few minutes more before I get back to it. But hopefully I’ll be back in the swing of things before long. But I’ve a trip to see my mom planned for next week so it may not be for at least another 7 days. LOL.

I’ll talk to you soon – Jason

12 thoughts on “Blog Page Update: A Slump

  1. Yep, definitely spend time with the kids, it goes by unbelievably fast. Blink, and they’ve graduated from college! (seriously) You’ll get your reading mojo back I’m sure😁

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  2. I would LOVE to hear about you family D&D nights! I love D&D stories in general, the sheer chaos and unexpected turns that can happen from player interactions are the best.

    While I definitely miss your reviews and general presence, you do what you got to do! I know my blogging has dropped off in the last year, as I had to start writing more for my new job and coming home and writing some more was just burning me out. There’s no point in reading and writing for fun if it isn’t…you know…fun…so do what makes you happy!

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    • Thanks I appreciate it. Blogging about D&D night is a very real possibility. It could be a fun alternative to the book reviews to vary things up a little. Assuming we don’t stop gaming.


      • We used to play in person, since the pandemic we’ve been doing video chat in discord. Mostly theater of the mind, but for big fights or dungeon crawls, we’ve cobbled together a system of using a shared Google Presentations doc. Set the map as the background to the slide, every body has a colored square as their token they can move as necessary. I think my DM has been using Dungeon Scrawl to make the map before he hands it over to me to set up .

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