What I’m Reading: WyldBlood Magazine #1

Banner image of cover of Wyldblood Magazine Issue 1 superimposed over zoomed in image of the cover. Text reads "What I'm Reading" and "Off The TBR"

Something new for me and the blog this year is that I’m planning to be more consistent with reading sci-fi/fantasy magazines. It’s something I’ve wanted to do more of the past few years and just never really did it. I’m hoping in doing so to stumble across some great short-fiction to share with you.

What this also means is that I’ll pretty consistently be reading one magazine at the same time as I’m reading another book. More accurately I’ll read and finish multiple books in the time it takes me to complete one zine. My pace so far is to read at least one but maybe two or three stories a week and slowly progress through the zine over the course of a whole month. We’ll see how it goes.

This month I’m reading Wyldblood Magazine issue 1.

Cover Image of Wyldblood Magazine Issue 1.

Wyldblood Magazine is new zine from Wyldblood Press, a new speculative and literary fiction publishing venture launched in 2020. Here’s what they say about themselves:

“Our aim is to publish high quality speculative and literary fiction. You’ll see novels, magazines and anthologies with the Wyldblood logo, drawn a diverse range of authors and illustrators. We publish the best new talent, established authors and some well loved classics. Six times a year Wyldblood Magazine will showcase a clutch of new science fiction and fantasy stories, the best of which will find their way in our ‘Best of’ anthologies. Our books appear in print and electronically and our magazine will be available in all electronic formats including kindle and pdf. We may even sell t-shirts. We’d like to put out six novels over the next year and some shorter fiction, but the quality will need to be high for us to publish. We want speculative fiction in all its forms and literary fiction regardless of genre. If you have a story you believe in, check out the submissions page for our requirements and how to submit.”

They are publishing in the following categories:

  • Wyld Flash: Flash fiction series
  • Wyldblood Classics: a series of novels and anthologies
  • Werewolf Anthology: A newly launched anthology
  • Original Novles: No titles yet but they are accepting submissions
  • Wyldblood Magazine: Bi-monthly magazine through 2021

I first noticed Wyldblood Magazine from reviews by a couple bloggers I follow. Jodie at Witty and Sarcastic Bookclub posted a review as did Nick Borrelli at Out of This World SFF Reviews. Both reviews got my attention and I took a quick look at Wyldblood’s website. It just so happened I’d also received a new Amazon Gift Card so I had some money to spend so I decided the reading gods were telling me I should try it out. I downloaded issue 1 to my Kindle and the rest is history. Or it will be. Once I finish reading it.

So far I’ve read the first two stories “Coal Dust and Shadows” by Holley Cornetto and “Thawing” by J.L. George. I enjoyed both. “Coal Dust and Shadows” as a dark creepy tale about a young girl discovered in the local mine who is more (or less) than what she seems. I really dug it. “Thawing” is a story about a princess who sacrificed herself to protect her town and is now frozen as a statue in the town square while the statue’s caretaker wonders what it would be like to set her free. This one also took an interesting turn and I rather enjoyed the end…in a dark way.

I’ll slowly read through the rest hopefully by the end of the month. I may even try to review at least one story or maybe the issue as a whole. We’ll see. For now I’m excited to be getting in on the ground floor with a new zine that I hope turns out to be really good.

Has anyone else picked up Wyldblood Magazine? Read it? If so what did you think? Let me know in the comments.


5 thoughts on “What I’m Reading: WyldBlood Magazine #1

  1. I must admit that I’ve never read an SFF magazine, although it’s definitely on my list of things to get around to. I didn’t realize there were smaller indie ones, though. I wonder how many there are floating around that I don’t know about. I’d love to support some of the lesser known ones.


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