Self-Published Fantasy Month 2020 Update


Hey gang…just a quick note to let you know the Self-Published Fantasy Month team posted an update or three yesterday in case you missed it.

Event Site

The first major thing was the launch of the event site,

We hope you’ll check-in often for updates. We will be posting more information in the coming weeks as we get closer to September about what’s in store and ways you can participate. If you’re feeling really frisky give us a follow.

Team Intro

In conjunction with our site launch we posted a quick Meet The Team introduction. This was just a quick hello from all of us with a little bit about how we each came to love self-published fantasy.

Read Along

We also announced the Self-Published Fantasy Month Read-Along. For the first time we are having a read-along as part of the event. The book we’ve chosen is The Thief Who Pulled On Trouble’s Braids book one of the Amra Thetys series by Michael McCLung. We’ll be hosing the read along over on Goodreads. Also, those who participate in the read-along will be eligible to win one randomly selected physical copy of Pulled Spat Knocked: The Amra Thetys Omnibus 1 which comprises the first three novels in the Amra Thetys series. We hope you’ll join us for the read-along in September.

So, if you haven’t already done it go check out the new site! We’ll have more info up soon. We look forward to seeing you in September!

– Jason

9 thoughts on “Self-Published Fantasy Month 2020 Update

      • I have a few, but am really waiting for some life events to tell me my schedule in September. I do plan to read some in August then publish the reviews in Sept. I might be able to cram in the readalong because The Thief Who Pulled On Trouble’s Braids was definitely on my list!

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