Blog Update: Award Nominee Challenge

Off The TBR_ Blog Page Update

I have quick blog update for everyone! I’ve added another menu item to the blog along with a new challenge.

The Award Nominee Challenge

A week or two ago I posted about My Nebula And Hugo Award Reading Challenge where I’m trying to read the nominees for Best Novel, Best Novella, and Best Short Story for the Nebula and Hugo Awards. Well, I’ve created a page dedicated to the challenge. In addition, I’ve created a page for another, similar challenge…to read and review all of the SPBFO5 Finalists. The goal is to read them all before the end of the year but I recognize up front that it might not happen. Ultimately the goal would be just to read them all…Some day…Before I die. I’d like to add to this list each year as the nominees/finalists are named, and maybe even do previous years if I decide to really get wild.

Anyway, below are links to both pages. You can find them on my menu bar under “Award Nominee Challenge.”

SPFBO Finalists

2019/2020 Nebula And Hugo Awards

I’d love it if anyone else wanted to join in either of these challenges with me. If you do let me know so we can compare notes/reviews.

– Jason

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