Blog Page Update: Self-Published Reviews

Off The TBR_ Blog Page Update

I’ve been meaning to work on editing and updating my blog for…(checks calendar)…years. Other than a few tweaks to my rating system page the only thing I’ve really done is add more reviews and other blog posts to my Home Page/Archives. I did add a new page devoted to The Great Series Read Project recently but it is still kind of unfinished. The blog is a bit of a mess and needs some attention.

Today I completed the first task in my list of blog updates; I’ve added a page devoted to my self-published reviews. It lists them by author and series and notes the rating I gave each. You can navigate to it on the menu bar: Book Reviews > Self-Published Reviews, go straight to the page using the link below.

Self-Published Reviews Page

For some time I’ve had a drop-down link for my book reviews with pages listing my fantasy reviews, science fiction reviews, and supernatural/horror reviews (none of which have been kept up to date or match in look and feel). I’ve added the self-published page for a few reasons:

  • I’m a huge fan and supporter of self-published fantasy
  • Self-published authors deserve the additional spotlight
  • I hope readers of the blog will find new self-published books/authors to read and love

My reviews of self-published books will still appear on the respective Fantasy Reviews, Science Fiction Reviews, or Supernatural/Horror Reviews pages, but they will also have their own special place on the Self-Published Reviews page going forward.

I’m going to continue working on updates and edits to my blog little by little over the coming weeks and months. Below is a list of what I plan to work on in no particular order:

  • Update and edit the Fantasy Reviews, Science Fiction Reviews, and Supernatural/Horror Reviews pages to get them up to date and match the Self-Published Reviews page
  • Add a page for my Nebula And Hugo Award Reading Challenge (this may be a yearly list)
  • Add a page for my reviews of the Self Published Fantasy Blog Off #SPFBO finalists (this may also become a yearly list)
  • Update and edit my Self-Published Fantasy Month page (assuming I continue it)
  • Update the page for The Great Series Read Project
  • One day revamp the whole look and feel of the blog with a more professional design

So…stay tuned for updates as I finish them. Hopefully it will make Off The TBR more enjoyable and user friendly.

– Jason

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