Dragons of Autumn Twilight Read-Along Group Is Live


It’s official. The Dragons of Autumn Twilight Read-Along group on Goodreads is live!

I’ve sent out invites to those of you expressed interest and who are already my friends on Goodreads. If you’ve expressed interest but we are not already friends on Goodreads accept the friend request I sent and I’ll send you a group invite. Otherwise if you’d like to participate click on the link below and request to join…it’s not too late!

Dragons of Autumn Twilight Read-Along Group Link

Once you’ve joined the group be sure to look over the rules (pretty minimal). Then feel free to join the Introductions post, say hi and introduce yourself to the group. I’ve also put up a quick poll to see how many of you have read the books before or whether this will be your first read through.

Here is the initial post and schedule…

Welcome to the Dragons of Autumn Twilight read-along! I think we’ve got a great little group for this event and I’m really excited about it. I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself and give an overview of the schedule along with some guidelines. Also feel free to post about the read-along and discussions to your blogs. You can use the banner from my blog or create your own.

Please take a moment to introduce yourselves as well.

1. Who are you?
2. Do you have a blog? (feel free to post a link)
3. Have you ever read Dragons of Autumn Twilight, the Dragonlance Chronicles, or any of the other Dragonlance books before?
4. If yes to 3 above who is your favorite character? (remember spoilers)
5. What are your goals for this read-along?
6. Anything else you’d like us to know?

Below is the reading schedule for the event. I’ll post some starter questions for each week’s reading toward the end of each week. That should give us all time to finish the reading before everyone starts chatting about it. You may respond to my questions/topics or you may post your own. Just remember the rule about spoilers and don’t mention something that happens later in the book or series please.

Week 1 (11/3 – 11/9): The Old Man and Book 1 Chapters 1-10
Week 2 (11/10 – 11/16): Book 1 Chapters 11 – 22
Week 3 (11/17 – 11/23): Book 2 Chapters 1 – 10
Week 4 (11/24 – 11/30): Book 2 Chapters 11 – 15 and The Wedding: The Song of Huma

Hope to join the War of The Lance with all of you soon!

– Jason


8 thoughts on “Dragons of Autumn Twilight Read-Along Group Is Live

  1. Like you, Dragonlance was the start of my love for fantasy. Heck, I was even in 8th grade at a(n east coast) Florida middle school but it was a guy in my history class reading it.

    My favorite character was Raistlin because he was a bit of a smart ass and the mage. And Kitiara a bit because she wasn’t a typical female character.

    Just posting to show support. 🙂 I saw your initial post on it and kept it in mind. I don’t blog or really review books I read (my GR reviews are just a couple of thoughts/comments). And I re-read the series last year.

    You need to do Legends next.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks! I read the legends series right after Chronicles and I’d love to do a reread of them sometime. If you’re interested in joining our read along of DoAT you’re welcome to do so. We are not even through with the first week yet.

      I’ll probably post about it throughout the month so feel free to chime in.

      Oh…where in Florida?


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