Self-Published Fantasy Month 2019


This is just a quick reminder that the Second Annual Self-Published Fantasy Month starts on Sunday! If you’re new to the blog and don’t know what I’m talking about you can read about it on my Announcing Self-Published Fantasy Month post from last year. Essentially, it’s a month devoted to all things self-published/indie fantasy. The whole point is to spread the word about and bring more attention to the many great self-published fantasy books and authors out there.

If you’re curious about the inspiration for this event you can read about it in my post The 2018 #SPFBO (And Maybe A Self-Pub Fantasy Month). I also discussed it recently on the Under A Pile of Books podcast hosted by Calvin Park. Calvin interviewed me about how I got into blogging, what I’ve been reading, and specifically about Self-Published Fantasy Month. I think we get to it around the 12:55 mark or thereabouts. (On a side note, if you don’t already subscribe to Under A Pile of Books, you should…Calvin regularly discusses what he’s reading, what’s on his TBR, various goings on in the fantasy book world, and conducts both author and blogger interviews…it’s good stuff.)



So what can you expect in September here on Off The TBR?

  • Book Reviews: I’m hoping to post three to four reviews of self-published books. As always, life will dictate what gets done. I’ve already finished one book and should get the review written this weekend (crosses fingers). I’m reading book two now and have a whole pile of others begging for my attention.
  • Author Interviews: I have one author interview lined up and may have more before it’s all said and done.
  • Updates from SPFBO5: You may see me posting here or on Twitter about SPFBO5 updates (The Self-Published Fantasy Blog Off hosted by Mark Lawrence).
  • Other Stuff: Who knows what else…I mean anything related to self-published fantasy, past, current, or future is fair game.


I also want to extend an invitation to you to join in the fun! This is by no means a solitary endeavor and it wouldn’t be any fun if it was. Part of the joy of this online community of readers and bloggers is that we get to chat with other people from all over the world who like the books and authors and stories we like, and who share in similar interests. So yes, PLEASE JOIN ME!!!!

If you do decide to take part consider doing the following:

  • Link back to me somehow: Let me know about your posts whether by posting a link to your blog in the comments to one of my posts, sending me an e-mail, or whatever.
  • Use the hashtag: If you post to Twitter use the hashtag. Yes there’s a hashtag for this event #SelfPubFantasyMonth
  • Use the banner: Yes, feel free to pilfer the banner above and use it in your posts.
  • Use other media: Don’t feel confined to your blog or Twitter (the two platforms I use). If you’re a BookTuber post to YouTube. If you’re on Instagram, post over there. Wherever you go to talk about the books you love do it…and then tell me about it so I can see and join in you’re excitement.
  • Spread the love: Sometimes the easiest thing to do is just re-post what others have posted. If you haven’t read any self-published material but come across a great review, tell someone else about it and spread the word.

But don’t feel like you have to do all or any of what I just listed. There’s no pressure to join in and no rules on how to participate if you do. I just want this to be fun for everyone.

And speaking of other’s who are participating we already have a couple of posts I’ve come across before the month has even started:

I hope you’ll join us too. I’m really looking forward to this event and getting the chance to geek out with all of you about some fantastic books and reading experiences. If you have any ideas for other stuff we could do this month by all means let me know. I’ll be back in a few days with more. Until then, Happy Reading!

– Jason

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