My Review Hiatus: Bathroom Repairs

Some of you may have noticed it’s been a few weeks since I’ve posted a review. Most of you probably didn’t notice because…well…it’s not like I’m super famous or anything. Anyway, for those who may have noticed and wondered what’s up, I’ve been busy with some bathroom repairs.

A few months ago the dry wall on the ceiling above our shower head started peeling back then just dropping into the tub. It also started peeling down the wall. We’d just spent a bunch of money on plumbing repairs so we let it go a little longer than we should before getting it fixed. Thankfully a friend of mine does interior work in homes and said he’d patch it up for me since I didn’t know how to do it. He cut a hole, put in the new drywall and patched it all up.


Now we needed to paint. But we couldn’t start right away because once we let it dry we noticed we kept getting these little fisheye holes in the drywall. We kept having to paste over them, and every time we sanded we found others. It was getting pretty frustrating.


What should have been a couple day process took like a week. But finally we were able to start painting. We’d been wanting to repaint the bathroom since we moved in so this was one positive out of the whole situation. We went out and selected our paints and bought our tools, and got ready to start painting. Except…we needed to scrape some old paint off the bathroom door first. It had been chipping in a couple spots and we wanted the paint to go on even so we decided to scrape the old paint off.


This took a while. Like days. It was really hard to get off even after getting paint removal products. Our house was filled with paint chips. I mean they were everywhere we looked. This is the point where I started getting really frustrated. Eventually we got the door scraped and we were ready to go. We took down the curtains and the lights, taped off the room, and started painting.

We finished the first coat last weekend. After taking down all the tape and letting it dry we discovered we needed to do some additional touch-up work which kind of ticked me off because I’d dished out extra for what was supposed to be one coat paint. Lesson learned I suppose. Me being me, I didn’t work on any of this during the week, only on the weekend, but today I got the final touch-up work done.

The paint is drying now and I’ll put the lights and the curtain rod back up tomorrow. I’ve still got one minor problem and that’s the fan. The old one hadn’t been working (could be why the drywall started peeling) so I bought a new one and installed it. It seemed to be working fine, but at one point today after I’d had it running a few minutes it started smelling like maybe something was burning. I don’t know if it was just blowing dust around or if there’s an electrical issue. I turned it off and unplugged the fan. I’ll probably need to call my electrician out so for now we’ll just open the window for exhaust.


It just took like three weeks to finish. Which is why you haven’t seen a review from me for a while. I know, I hear you, I could write during the week. Sure, I could, but I don’t. I just can’t make myself do it. I sometimes post other types of things during the week, but I write all my reviews on the weekend when I’m somewhat rested and not stressed about time. I know it’s an excuse, but it’s MY excuse.

I’ll be travelling a little next weekend to drop the kids off with grandparents but I still hope to get at least one review written. I need to get one up for Velocity Weapon, which I finished about a week ago, and tonight or tomorrow I should finish The Ten Thousand Doors of January. So be on the lookout for those reviews in the near future.

Oh…I almost forgot! Tomorrow I pick up my mom and daughter from the airport. They’ve been on a 10 day trip to Austria, Germany, Switzerland, and Lichtenstein and sending me pics like the one below to make me jealous. At least the scenery matches the books I read…


I’ll have some more posts up soon. Until then happy reading everyone!

– Jason

4 thoughts on “My Review Hiatus: Bathroom Repairs

  1. This is why I’m always wary of starting “something” around the place. It always escalates! Glad it seems to be under control now. And best of luck with the fan/electrician. Glad you’re going that route, no need to accidentally burn the house down 😀

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  2. Home improvement/repair projects are ALWAYS more extensive work than you think. Even when they really aren’t, they still feel that way. I have a love hate relationship with them. I love the results and having things feeling clean and fresh and new, but I cannot stand how a project always ends up being so much more work than I planned.

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