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A few years back when my kids started getting into The Avengers and Guardians Of The Galaxy and all things MCU, I started collecting comics with my eldest son. I didn’t know a whole lot about comics and didn’t know where to start but it seemed like something fun to do as a way to spend time together. You know father/son bonding time.

As a kid I wasn’t a huge comics fan. For a while I collected G.I. Joe (still have all my old Joe comics) and then when DC decided to kill off Superman I decided I should get a copy because you know one day it would be worth a fortune…or not. I did get the sealed collector’s edition but my guess is so did a million other people. At that time I started buying a few Marvel titles and became aware of this brand new company called Image. They’d just started to get a following and I picked up some early Spawn books. This all lasted something less than a year and I quit buying them. I was a teen at this point and had other things on my mind.

Flash forward 20+ years and there I was buying comics again. It turns out I really enjoyed them but I had a hard time deciding what to spend my money on. As anyone who has ever read Marvel or DC books knows there’s a CRAP TON of them, and they almost all intermix to one degree or another. Being selective was hard. And then there’s the issue of figuring out how far back to try to collect so you’re current with the story line. The indie titles are a little easier since they tend to have shorter runs. I found myself buying a bunch if Image and other titles that were really edgy and just plain awesome.

And then my son decided he didn’t really want to collect anymore and I decided maybe I was spending too much money. And I really didn’t have enough storage space for what I was buying. So I stopped. But the desire to read them never went away. And now I think I want to again.

Which brings me to this post. I think I’m gonna take some time to read comics again and maybe even review them. I kinda sold myself on the idea after seeing some Rat Queens books at the library. I checked them out and read volume one. It was fun and crazy as hell.


So yeah, I think I’m gonna do this. I’ll probably start with the Rat Queens books I checked out and then go back to some titles I already own but didn’t finish. I definitely want to come back to some of the following:


Bad ass female female house/family assassin going up against other bad ass house/family assassins in the future. I loved this book and want to start over and get caught up.



Crazy alternate western that just…is weird and awesome! (you’ll start to notice an Image theme going)



How to describe this one…let’s see…kid goes missing, turns out he’s taken to alternate world, becomes superhero like, returns to our world as an adult…only he’s brought trouble with him.


I’d also love to take on Marvel and DC for the long haul. I found a website that has a Marvel reading order going back to the late 90’s (Marvel Knights era) that I started when I was collecting. I think it’d be cool to take up that challenge. This would be a multi-year undertaking I know and I’d probably need to subscribe to Marvel Unlimited. For DC I may just start with their recent reboot, or maybe the New 52 (I know people hate it but it’s an easy starting place) and work my way forward.


Anyway, I admit I don’t now much about the comics industry. I don’t know the intricate back stories for the major superheroes. I don’t know what books have cult followings. I don’t know who the problem people are. I don’t know all the correct terminology. I just know I want to enjoy an entertaining visual medium and let my imagination run away every now and then.

I don’t know how to review comics either. I feel like I need to do it differently than the way I do books. They will probably be shorter and less detailed. We’ll see. I may try it a few times and quit. Who knows? But I’m gonna give it a go and see what happens.

In the meantime tell me your favorite comics to read. Do you stick with Marvel or DC? Do you like Indie comics? Favorite titles? I’m looking for other books to read and would love your recs.

7 thoughts on “Something Different: Comics

  1. I too have struggled to find the difference between a book and comic review. I don’t know how to talk about the art, but do my best to describe it and whether I liked it and feel it fit the story/ characters…

    I just read one called The Weatherman that was pretty awesome. SciFi run and gun!

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  2. I never got into comics (Western ones, anyway) until I was in uni, and I mostly stuck with indie titles too–Image and Boom mostly! Marvel/DC stuff is definitely kind of daunting.

    Monstress and The Descender is a few of my favourites I’ve read in the past few years. And Descender just wrapped up (with a sequel series coming soon), so you can binge it. 😀

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  3. I remember when the black bagged version of Superman 75 was running almost $100. Man, what a colossal fall that has taken…

    Best of luck with comics. I tried to re-read some of the old Silver Sable ones I own and it only took 2-3 issues for me to realize that I’ve moved on. I would definitely need more, which means I’d have to go indie or something, as DC and Marvel aren’t for me now.

    I seem to remember that Image sold out to DC at some point? Crushed my youthful hopes of the rise of a 3rd big comic company 😦

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    • I think DC has a great short term marketing idea with that issue of Superman. A lot of folks back then thought their comics would be worth a lot in 20 years not realizing how many had flooded the market. Oh well.

      And yeah I think that the indie books will be the ones I enjoy more apart from the fun of reading a Batman or a Spiderman.

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