Monthly Reading Goals: March 2019

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Nicole over at Thoughts Stained With Ink talked me into trying out this post topic back in January and after running with it a couple of months I’ve decided to keep it going. For now at least.

This isn’t something I usually do because I hate locking myself into a specific reading list. It just never works out for me. As my previous Month In Review posts reveal, I rarely stick to what I set out to read. I might read more, less, or switch books out for others. Rarely to I finish the month as I intended.

So my ongoing rule for this topic will be…


Currently Reading

I literally just finished my last read maybe 30 minutes ago. So at the moment I guess I’m not currently reading anything. I WAS reading The Winter Road, by Adrian Selby.


I’m still letting this one sit with me a bit. I’ll hopefully have a review up soon. So what about the rest of the month?

Two Definite Reads And Two Mystery Reads


Normally I try to plan on reading four books a moth or about one a week. Sometimes that happens and sometimes it doesn’t. This month is no different. Here I give you my four reads for March:

Definite Reads

Grey Sister, by Mark Lawrence

Behind its walls, the Convent of Sweet Mercy has trained young girls to hone their skills for centuries. In Mystic Class, Novice Nona Grey has begun to learn the secrets of the universe. But so often even the deepest truths just make our choices harder. Before she leaves the convent, Nona must choose which order to dedicate herself to – and whether her path will lead to a life of prayer and service or one of the blade and the fist.

All that stands between her and these choices are the pride of a thwarted assassin, the designs of a would-be empress wielding the Inquisition like a knife, and the vengeance of the empire’s richest lord.

As the world narrows around her, and her enemies attack her through the system she is sworn to, Nona must find her own path despite the competing pulls of friendship, revenge, ambition, and loyalty.

And in all this only one thing is certain: there will be blood.”

I LOVED Red Sister and Nona Grey! It was my first 5 Star read of the year. I started this series pretty late (back in January), and book three, Holy Sister comes out in May, so I’ve got to get this one read like now. I can’t wait to see where things go and have really high hopes based on everything I’ve seen practically every other blogger out there saying about the book.

Yearly Reading/Blogging Goal: Finish series I’ve started; Reduce the size of my TBR

By Fire Above, by Robyn Bennis

“‘ALL’S FAIR IN LOVE AND WAR,’ according to airship captain Josette Dupre, until her hometown is occupied by the enemy and her mother is taken as a prisoner of war. Then it becomes, ‘Nothing’s fair except bombing those Vins to high hell.’

Before she can rescue her town, however, Josette must maneuver her way through the nest of overstuffed vipers that make up the nation’s military and royal leaders, in order to drum up support. The foppish and mostly tolerated crew member Lord Bernat steps in to advise her, along with his very attractive older brother.

Amid noble scheming, undertrained recruits, and suplly shortages, Josette andthe crew of the Mistral figure out a way to return to Durum – only to discover that when the home front turns into the front lines, things are more dangerous than they seem.”

By Fire Above is the sequel to The Guns Above and the Signal Airship series which was published in 2017. I read The Guns Above when it was released and loved it. It was one of my favorite reads that year. Unfortunately I read it before I started the blog so I’ve never reviewed it. It’s part steampunk, part black powder fiction, and overall awesome. The Guns Above was the story of how young Josette Dupree becomes the first female airship captain in her nation’s history and the trials she has to face during her first command. She is joined by the “foppish” Lord Bernat (who has a thing for older woman so there isn’t a love interest between the two) who is sent to spy on her. What ensues is a rollicking adventure on the high s…, um…among the clouds. Bennis did some studying on real airship design and 19th century weaponry which becomes readily evident in the book. I even likened the battle scenes to a steampunk version of The Hunt For Red October (or maybe then naval scenes from Red Storm Rising).

By Fire Above picks up after the events of book one. Seems obvious I know. It came out in May 2018. I pre-ordered it and picked it up on release day. And I still haven’t read it yet. I’m a sucky, no good, horrible, bad, crappy fan. I’m gonna make up for that now. I may even try to review The Guns Above and/or combine reviews for both books into one. We’ll see.

Yearly Reading/Blogging Goal: Finish series I’ve started; Reduce the size of my TBR

Mystery Reads


Those of you with keen eyesight will have noticed Grey Sister and By Fire Above are sitting on top of two other books you can’t make out. That’s because they represent to books which haven’t arrived yet, both of which come out in April. Hopefully they will arrive soon and I can share them. If so look for an update to this post. If they don’t arrive soon enough for me to get them read and reviewed before April I’ll replace them with something else. I have a couple replacement candidates in mind which will otherwise be pushed to April or May. Sorry for the mystery, I just don’t want to promise them if they don’t get here. Fingers crossed…

Well, those are my reading goals for March. What do you have on your list?

3 thoughts on “Monthly Reading Goals: March 2019

  1. Now I’m curious! I love mysteries 😁 I’m the same way, I do plan out my month but I often get distracted or in a mood to read something that isn’t on the list, and I just go with it.

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  2. I never used to plan a monthly tbr, but I dig it now! I use mine more of a guideline as well. I enjoy seeing what I need to read for ARCs & then I choose whatever else I want on mood, really.

    GREY SISTER!!!!!!

    That is all.

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