Self-Pub Fantasy Month!


Self-Published Fantasy Month is here!

If you haven’t been following along lately, September is Self-Pub Fantasy Month here on Off The TBR, and you’re invited to join in on the fun. This is a month where we’re going to celebrate and discuss all things self-pub fantasy. Some context behind the motivation for this month devoted to self-pub fantasy can be found in my post The 2018 #SPFBO (And Maybe A Self-Pub Fantasy Month).

So what can you expect to see here on the blog this month? Well, I’m still new to this so things won’t get too crazy. But you should expect to see the following:

  • Self-Pub Book Reviews: I mean that’s a given right? All of the reviews this month will be for self-pub fantasy. I’m working on one that I should have up this weekend.
  • Author Interviews: I hope to have at least a couple (maybe more) author interviews posted before the month is out.
  • Follow Fridays: I’ve got a few special Self-Pub Fantasy themed Follow Friday posts in mind.
  • Waiting On Wednesdays: I’d like to post some self-pub Waiting On Wednesday posts of upcoming books but I need to get some more information on these (if you know of any let me know!)
  • Updates from #SPFBO: Though what we’re doing for Self-Published Fantasy Month isn’t related to, coordinated with, or in any way a part of #SPFBO I may try to post updates from those reviews and reviewers who are part of Mark Lawrence’s great endeavor.
  • Other Stuff: I don’t know what goes here, but I’m leaving the door open for any new idea that I hadn’t thought of.

If you have any questions about Self-Published Fantasy Month let me know. The most important one I can think of now is:

Can I join in on Self-Pub Fantasy Month?

YES!! Please do!

I’d love for you to join in on the fun. There’s a few other bloggers who have already said they want to participate and I want anyone and everyone else who wants to take part to do so. Even if you don’t have a blog but just want to post about what you’re reading on social media go ahead. Post reviews, or just pics of what you’re reading, I don’t care.

Is there a hashtag?

Yes. Speaking of social media we do have a hashtag we’ll be using: #SelfPubFantasyMonth

Can I use the Self-Published Fantasy Month banner at the top of the post?

Yes! Please do! I’m all about spreading the branding love. By the way the idea behind the image is you’ve got the self-published author guiding his/her/their book (ship) through the twisting and turning waterway of publication.

Again, I’d love for each and every one of you to join. All I ask is that you link back to me here on this post, or somewhere else, what you’re posting on your blogs and social media. That may be the only way I can find some of your posts so I can share them as well. That, and I’d just love to see what you’re reading so I can add to my TBR.

Be on the lookout for my review of The Great Restoration: A Tale Of The Verin Empireby William Ray this weekend. It’s the second book set in Ray’s 19th century inspired black powder fantasy world.

If you’re looking for some other reviews of self-pub fantasy books that I thought were great (and received 5 Stars) check out these:

Gedlund: A Tale Of The Verin Empire, by William Ray. This is book one in Ray’s blackpowder fantasy world and it has rifles, elves (well missing elves), goblins, the undead, giants, and other surprises.

The Half Killed, by Quenby Olson: A Victorian ere inspired supernatural/horror tale that I just loved.

OK, that’s it for now. I need to get back to writing that review and reading some more. I hope you’ll join me this month. I’m really excited about it!

10 thoughts on “Self-Pub Fantasy Month!

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  2. This is such an awesome way to give back to the writing community and find gems hidden because of the silly “self-published is lesser” branding that self published authors don’t deserve to be burdened with. I definitely need to do a better job at seeking out self published books! Though, I only read print, so I think I have this assumption that self published is usually only eBooks, which is why I never really looked (which is poor on my part). But, have you checked out any of Robert F. Nugent’s books? He has three self published, so far, that are some in-depth military fantasy where his strengths as a writer grow with every book!

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      • I think I might start pursuing more self-published works and if I find any in print that I like, I’ll do a better job of trying to give them a read! But I’ll definitely be checking into this challenge and see if I find any recs through that. 🙂 If you find yourself with a spare moment, I’d be curious what you thought of Nugent’s books! His world is pretty neat!

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