Self-Pub Fantasy Month: Less Than A Week Away!


I’m starting to have a little freak-out. I took a look at the calendar and realized September and Self-Pub Fantasy Month is less than a week away. It isn’t a huge deal – I’ve known for a while the basics of what I’m gonna do, but I’m now feeling the pressure of getting all my reading and blogging in. Thankfully I’ve already started the reading. Hopefully I’ll get that first review up on September 1 or 2 (if I can force myself to do some writing during the week).

I did make one slight change to my reading plans however. I decided NOT to read Where Loyalties Lie for this go around. I reluctantly came to that decision after discovering it is not the first book set in that world, nor is it the first book with one or more of the characters. I’m one of those readers who prefers to start in order even if people say it isn’t necessary for a particular series. I have NOT yet decided what I’m going to read in its place yet. I’ve got about a dozen or so self-pub books on my kindle just staring up at me with puppy dog eyes that I can choose from so there isn’t a concern about filling the spot, I just need to make a decision.

I did discover that Quenby Olson (author of The Half Killed, one of my 5 Star reviews) has a short-story coming out in September which is a story about the protagonist of that novel, Dorothea Hawes. I’ve already pre-ordered it and plan to read it sometime during the month. It will be cool to add at least one short to the month. You can find it on Amazon here: The Family Blood: A Sundered Veil Short Story.

Planned Reading


I finished The Great Restoration by William Ray on Sunday night. I’m gonna try to get a review written-up in time for September 1st or 2nd, but I’m not promising that date yet. But fingers crossed, hopefully it will happen.


I started Kingshold by D. P. Woolliscroft last night. I meant to start Sunday night but…well…I didn’t. Hopefully I’ll get it read in time to write and post a review no later than the second weekend of September. My goal is at least one a week. We’ll see what happens.


The Wolf of Oren-Yaro by K.S. Villoso will be my third book of the month. I’ve been waiting to read this one for a while and have no more excuses. As I understand it her books are very character driven and from what I also understand I may be cursing her out as I go. It’s apparently a thing.


Then there’s the mystery book. I really don’t know which one I’ll read for the fourth book of the month. Maybe I’ll draw a title out of a hat. Maybe I’ll put it to a vote. Who knows…

Other Stuff

I’m also still planning on some special Follow Friday posts and hopefully an author interview or two. I need to get off my butt and get to work on those. I had thought about putting together one of those month long daily theme things but realized I really haven’t read enough self-pub books to keep from posting about the same four titles or authors so I’m holding off on that for this year. Maybe next year.

Oh…I almost forgot…there have been a couple other folks posting about participating in #SelfPubFantasyMonth and I thought I’d share their pages.

Maxine over at Maxine’s Obsessions posted on Sunday about her hesitancy to read/review many self-pub novels and her desire to participate. All of her concerns are something I’ve felt at one time or another. Here’s her post, Self-published Fantasy Month – Why I haven’t read many self-published books: A ramble.

Newly self-published author Nancy O’Toole Meservier is also looking to participate. She posted September Is Self Published Fantasy Month last Thursday and discusses some of her plans. And if you’re looking for a comic book style hero/heroine style fantasy novel check out her new book Red And BlackI haven’t read it so I can’t recommend it one way or another but I like the concept.

I feel like I’ve missed at least one other person’s post but for the life of me can’t remember or find it. Maybe these were the only two. If you posted something and I’ve missed it leave a link in the comments below and I’ll give it a shout-out.

How Can You Participate?

Any way you want really. You have a new review you want to post, go for it! You have an old review you want to re-post, go for it! You have an author interview scheduled, go for it! You have a top 10 list you want to throw out there, go for it!

Whatever way you want to participate is up to you really. Feel free to use the Self-Pub Fantasy Month image at the top of this post in your own posts. Use the #SelfPubFantasyMonth hashtag on Twitter or wherever. I’d appreciate it if you link back to me in some way just so I’m aware and can share anything you post as well. I just hope you’ll join in the fun.

Well that’s all for now. Hopefully you’ll join me for #SelfPubFantasyMonth and we can share some great (or not so great) books and reviews. If you’ve already reviewed a self-pub book go ahead and re-post it and tag it for the group because I’d love to read it. And if you have any ideas for the month I haven’t thought of let me know.

Until later happy reading, and go tell someone about a great book you read!

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