Self-Pub Fantasy Month Update: Some Planning & Organizing


It’s been almost week since I announced plans for Self-Published Fantasy Month here on the blog. The announcement got a much better reception than I anticipated! Between likes and comments here and retweets over on Twitter it seems many of you are excited by the idea.

The last week kept me pretty busy and I had to drive the kids to their grandparents yesterday (9 hour round-trip) so I didn’t get to do as much work on my reviews or planning for next month as I would have liked, but I do have a few updates for you.

Books I Plan To Read

I thought I’d share ahead of time what books I’m planning to read for Self-Pub Fantasy Month:

img_43061Where Loyalties Lie by Rob J. Hayes

When I first came up with the idea for Self-Pub Fantasy Month I knew I wanted to read at least one of the previous winners of #SPFBO. I’ll probably kick the month off with this one. My only concern is knowing this isn’t the first book set in this world and kinda want to read the others first…but I’ll probably take the plunge with this one.



img_4307The Great Restoration by William Ray

This is the second book in William Ray’s A Tale Of The Verin Empire series. Book one was Gedlund which I read earlier this year and loved. The Great Restoration has been entered into #SPFBO 2018 and is slotted in the Booknest group to be reviewed.




img_4308Kingshold by D. P. Woolliscroft

I started seeing positive reviews for Kingshold a couple months ago and decided to pick up a copy for myself. This is D.P.’s debut novel and it’s also an entrant in #SPFBO 2018 slotted with Lynn’s Book Blog for review. This is book one of The Wildfire Cycle.




img_4309The Wolf of Oren-Yaro by K.S. Villoso

This one has NOT been entered into #SPFBO as far as I know. A bunch of blogs I follow were posting about this book back at the beginning of the year so I decided to buy my own copy and will finally be reading it. This is the first book in Villoso’s Annals of The Bitch Queen series. Book two The Ikessar Falcon is already out so I’m behind.



You’ll notice there are four book on this list and five weekends in September. If I stick to my planned schedule and write one review each weekend that leaves me with…um…oh right, one more book to read and review. At the moment I’m not committing to more just because I have no idea what all may happen between now and the end of September. But, supposing I have the time I’ll try to fit one more in. Luckily for me I’ve recently picked up about fifteen other self-pub fantasy novels. The hard part will be choosing which one to read and review.

Author Interviews

I’m working on setting up some author interviews. It looks like I’ve got maybe two lined up and we’ll see if I can get some additional authors. I’ll update when I know more.

Follow Fridays

Be on the lookout for some Self-Pub Fantasy themed Follow Fridays in September.


I finally settled on a Twitter hashtag for the month: #SelfPubFantasyMonth.

It’s long I know, but I didn’t want to go with anything like SPFM or SPFMIS (D.P. Woolliscroft’s suggestion) because it seemed too close to #SPFBO and I don’t want to confuse the two. That, and Dyrk Ashton’s suggestion of #FLETCHERSUCKS seemed kinda unfair to Michael R. Fletcher.

Blog Page

I’ve thrown a page up on the blog for Self-Published Fantasy Month in an attempt to organize the posts as we go along and assuming I do it again next year it will be easier to pull up the history. It’s still a work in progress so bear with me.

A Note About SPFBO And Self-Pub Fantasy Month

I want it to be clear what I’m doing is in no way a part of the official #SPFBO run by Mark Lawrence nor is it in competition with it. This is really my way of showing appreciation for what Mark and all his fellow reviewers have done with #SPFBO the last few years, AND to show my new found appreciation of self-pub fantasy and the authors who write it. So think of what I (and anyone who joins me) will be doing as a compliment to #SPFBO and a way to spread the word even more about great fantasy books you might not otherwise hear about or find at your local bookstore.

Until Next Time…

Hopefully I’ll get another post up by next week. If you’re thinking about joining me next month let me know and tell me what you think planning to read. Even if you’re not going to review anything I’d love to share what you read and enjoy. If you do participate please link back to the page once I have it up.

Until next time, happy reading and go tell someone about a book you loved!

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