A Quick Update…

It’s been a crazy weekend here at Off The TBR. I’d hoped to get another review posted but alas it wasn’t to be. Friday afternoon we had some serious thunderstorms roll through the Bluegrass with wind over 70 mph. I was used to storms like that growing up in Florida but not here. The storms knocked down limbs and trees all over and here in Lexington alone there were over 70,000 customers without power starting around 4pm Friday afternoon. We didn’t get power back at my house until today (Sunday) at 2pm. It made for a long weary weekend with no AC, no way to charge my laptop, and kids complaining about no wifi. Well I was complaining too I won’t lie.

This came right when I was getting excited about starting to dig out of the hole I’d been in for months due to work. Last week I’d managed to finally get another review up for The Half Killed (I loved it, you should read it…the book, not the review…well maybe the review too). The storm set me back about a week but I’m still plucking along and I thought I’d give you a quick update on what I’m doing, and what to expect going forward.

I’ve learned that I can really only work on reviews on the weekend. I can wake up fresh and rested, have some coffee, and start writing. During the week my only option is to write at night after work and getting kids settled down, and the reviews just take a lot more thought and effort than I can give after working all day and sitting down to write at 8:00 PM or later. So don’t expect to see reviews until Saturday afternoon, Sunday, or Monday depending on what day I can finish them.

I’ve got at least four books to review in the coming weeks before I’m caught up:


The Song of All
by Tina LeCount Myers





The Poppy War
by R. F. Kuang





Arm Of The Sphinx
by Josiah Bancroft





The Nine
by Tracey Townsend



I feel like I’m leaving a book off somewhere but right now can’t remember what it could be.

Apart from reviews I’d also like to try to make at least one other kind of post a week. These will typically be a Waiting On Wednesday or Follow Friday post or some similar such thing. I can usually throw these together over the course of a couple weeknights without too much of a problem.

The only other announcement I have is that I think I’ve settled on September for Self-Published Fantasy Month here on the blog. I first mentioned it in my post about The 2018 #SPFBO and I’m really excited to do it. I want to devote the whole month on the blog to self-published fantasy which I’ve really come to appreciate. I haven’t worked out all the details but stay tuned for updates. I’ve got a handful of books already set-aside that I’m eager to dig into. I’ll probably start reading in August in order to have a couple of posts ready to go at the beginning of September. If anyone is interested in joining along with me let me know.

Well, that’s all for now. Sorry again for the delay on reviews for all who actually follow Off The TBR. I’m getting back up to speed as long as Mother Nature doesn’t throw another wrench in the plans. Till next time Happy Reading…

8 thoughts on “A Quick Update…

  1. Wow, what a crazy storm! I’m the same way, I do most of my blogging on the weekend. It’s too much working all day and then having family stuff after work to get much blogging done. I’m looking forward to hearing your thoughts on The Nine and The Poppy War!

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  2. Never heard of Self Published Fantasy Month- but I’ll definitely check it out now! Great idea 😀 and I’m excited to see what you think of The Poppy War: been meaning to read it for aaages

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    • Well I’m kinda making it up but if nobody’s heard of it yet that’s good for me (maybe not good for the authors). It’s just my idea for a month devoted to reading and blogging about self-published fantasy that’s inspired by the Self-Published Fantasy Blog Off hosted each year by Mark Lawrence. I just thought devoting a month to it might inspire some other readers who aren’t judges for the contest to read more self-pub fantasy. Who knows, it could go well or it could flop.

      I liked the Poppy War overall.


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