May 2018 Month In Review

Wow, it’s been a long time since I’ve done one of these…

If you follow this blog even superficially you’ve noticed my output has been down the last few months. As I’ve mentioned before I’ve been swamped at work – working late, working weekends, and I’ve had a lot of family commitments with kids in ballet, and baseball practice, and just needing to spend what little free time I’ve had with the wife and kids. That’s all meant my blogging has taken a hit. I even had to stop accepting review requests. I’ve still been reading but the reviews have been slow in coming. Things may not change much until July but hopefully I’m seeing some light at the end of the tunnel.

That being said, I did manage to get a couple of reviews out (if you go back to the end of April) and I posted my first Waiting On Wednesday post. So here it is, my May 2018 (and end of April) month in review:

Smoke Eaters Review (April 29th)


Smoke Eaters is a thrilling science fiction/fantasy mash-up sure to whet your appetite for that page turning spring or summertime read. Full of action that blends near future scientific advancement with the legendary reptilian monsters of fantasy lore, Grigsby’s debut offers something for fans of both genres. I liken it to a fun summer action flick of a movie…er book.

For the full review click here.

What made this review even more fun was that author Sean Grigsby sent me a blurb he (or someone)  created quoting my review!


Gedlund: A Tale Of The Verin Empire Review (May 26)


Black powder weapons, railroads, steamships, spear chucking goblins, zombies, vampire lords, lightning giants and magic.

That was a list, not a sentence, but did it get your attention?

In Gedlund, William Ray takes blackpowder fantasy and merges it with sword and sorcery. What he produced is a war story set in a fantasy world that seems almost real. You know, except for the goblins and vampires and whatnot. So let’s get to it…

For the full review click here.

Waiting On Wednesday: Trail Of Lightning (May 30)


OK, soooo much has drawn me to this one. Let’s start with the cover (cuz I’m a fan of cover art). Badass Native-American woman with what looks like a bowie knife and sawed off shotgun standing on top of an old beater pick-up truck with a forked lightning strike in the background. Um yes please.

For the full post click here.

So what’s coming next? Well I still need to write reviews for the following:

img_3605-1     img_4005     img_4027

Hopefully I can get at least one of these done in the next week (fingers crossed). In the meantime I’m reading history books (not historical fiction but actual history) so as not to get even more behind on my reviews. Current history read for anyone who cares is this…


Yeah I’m something of a military history nerd.

Well that’s all for now. Let me know what you’ve been up to in the comments below. Till next time…

Happy Reading!

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