Is The Month Over Yet?

Sigh…here’s a quick update on what I’ve been doing…or rather not doing the past couple of weeks, and what’s to come. I’m a slacker – fine.

It’s been a long month. It’s been busy as hell at work and there’s always the family obligations (which I’m not complaining about, the fam comes before everything else…well I sometimes complain a little) and I’ve been worn out in the evenings and just too tired to do much. I’ve been reading but not at my normal pace. What that means for the blog is…well…not much has been written for the past couple of weeks in terms of reviews. I’m behind and I hate it, but this is supposed to be fun, not work so I’m not pushing it. Hopefully I’ll have at least one if not two reviews up sometime this weekend. Here’s what’s coming up…

IMG_3635.jpgBlood Of Assassins Review

Blood Of Assassins came out a couple of weeks ago now and I still haven’t go the review up and its ticking me off. Orbit sent me a review copy and I feel really crappy that I haven’t go this one done yet. I’ve started it but only have a few paragraphs written. My goal is to get this posted sometime Saturday if all goes well.

(I loved the book btw! Better than Age Of Assassins)


img_3605The Song Of All Review

This is the book I’m reading now. It was published on February 20th. My copy came a little late but I still feel bad I’m not done with it and haven’t finished a review. Hopefully I can finish reading it and post something by the end of the weekend. We’ll see. It’s got songs, and snow, and immortals, and well I’m almost half-way through with it so I’m not sure what else…I’ll let you know.

I actually received a second copy in the mail and ended up hosting a book give-a-way which was pretty cool, so yeah that happened. The winner was LeighAnn at MaMa’s Book Corner. Congrats LeighAnn! The book is on the way (mailed it today…cuz like I said crazy busy…sorry for the delay).

img_3604Smoke Eaters: Read and Review

My next read is Smoke Eaters. It’s got dragons and firefighters! I was hooked right there. I got this one from Net Galley but it came out this week so yet again I’m behind and it irks me. I probably won’t have this review up until next weekend sometime.

Anyway, that’s it for now. I know I’ve got to work at least one day this weekend and one of the kids has a school thing on Saturday but I promise to have that Blood Of Assassins review up at some point. I hope. ‘Till then happy reading.

3 thoughts on “Is The Month Over Yet?

  1. Right there with you…I have so much going on besides blogging that it makes it extra hard. We just do the best we can😊 I have Smoke Eaters to review as well, I hope we both love it!

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