My TBR Short Stack: 2/17/18

We’re in Pigeon Forge for the weekend celebrating my father-in-law’s birthday. We’ve got an awesome cabin but unfortunately no WiFi which means I’m writing this on my phone (yay data plan) and not typing it on my laptop so please bear with any formatting issues.

OK things are slightly out of hand. My TBR pile has grown so large it can’t really fit in the cabinet by my reading chair. I may have to buy a bookshelf for it. I blame no one but the authors who keep writing books for me to read. I mean I appreciate what you do for me authors, but I can only read so fast.

Anyway I thought I’d post a quick update on the books on my current short stack. These are the books I expect to read over the next month or so (I average about one a week). As always this list is subject to change and usually does.

Blood Of Assassins

RJ Barker’s sequel to Age Of Assassins and the continuing story of Girton Club Foot came out last week and I’m already behind on getting it read. I’ve been swamped with having to stay late at work and we are doing family stuff in the mountains this weekend but I hope to get it finished before we head home. In BoA the story picks up some five years after the events in AoA. Girton and Merela have returned to The Tired Lands to find things have only gotten worse. And once again Girton finds himself caught up in a dangerous game of mystery and intrigue, but this time between three rival kings. So far I’m enjoying BoA as much or more than AoA.

The Song Of All

The Song of All is the debut and first book in the The Legacy Of The Heavens series by Tina LeCount Myers and published by Night Shade Books. It’s billed as “a gritty epic fantasy series set in an arctic world inspired by Scandinavian indigenous culture.”

“On the forbidding fringes of the tundra, where years are marked by seasons of snow, humans war with immortals in the name of their shared gods. Irjan, a human warrior, is ruthless and lethal, a legend among the Brethren of Hunters. But even legends grow tired and disillusioned.

Scarred and weary of bloodshed, Irjan turns his back on his oath and his calling to hide away and live a peaceful life as a farmer, husband, and father. But his past is not so easily left behind. When an ambitious village priest conspires with the vengeful comrades Irjan has forsaken, the fragile peace in the Northlands of Davvieana is at stake.

His bloody past revealed, Irjan’s present unravels as he faces an ultimatum: return to hunt the immortals or lose his child. But with his son’s life hanging in the balance, as Irjan follows the tracks through the dark and desolate snow-covered forests, it is not death he searches for, but life.”

The Song Of All drops this Tuesday 2/20/18. I was sent a copy to review but won’t have it finished by release date. I do hope to have a review of it up before the end of the following weekend though.

Smoke Eaters

Dragons vs Firefighters! How can this not be good? Well OK fine a lot could go wrong with that, but I’ve got high hopes. You’ve probably already been seeing reviews in the past couple of weeks of this debut from Sean Grigsby and published by Angry Robot. Everything I’ve seen so far has been positive so I expect good things.

“When dragons rise from the earth, firefighters are humanity’s last line of defence, in this wild near-future fantasy.

Firefighter Cole Brannigan is on the verge of retirement after 30 years on the job, and a decade fighting dragons. But during his final fire call, he discovers he’s immune to dragon smoke. It’s such a rare power that he’s immediately conscripted into the elite dragon-fighting force known as the Smoke Eaters. Retirement cancelled, Brannigan is re-assigned as a lowly rookie, chafing under his superiors. So when he discovers a plot to take over the city’s government, he takes matters into his own hands. With hundreds of innocent civilians in the crosshairs, it’s up to Brannigan and his fellow Smoke Eaters to repel the dragon menace.”

I received a copy of this book on Netgalley and want to thank them and Angry Robot for the chance to read it before it comes out on March 6th.

Gedlund: A Tale Of The Verin Empire

I’ve been enjoying black powder fantasy of late, so when William Ray contacted me about whether I’d like a copy of his self-published book to review I almost immediately said yes (after a tentative glance at the leaning TBR pile). This one has black powder as well as elves and undead…so yeah it must be good right?

Thanks to rifle and iron rail, humanity now flourishes after centuries of submission. With the oppressive power of the Elves ended at last, human nations have grown mighty, and the Verin Empire’s colonies spread civilization to the farthest corners of the world. But civilization has not taken root everywhere…

“To the north sits Thyesten, the ancient Lich King of Gedlund. He banished death, and for countless centuries he has ruled a land where ghosts, vampires, and other wicked undead keep mortal men in feudal servitude. Now, without the Elves to keep that monstrous realm in check, the Verin Empire must pit men and cannons against Gedlund’s legions of the dead, its ruthless Everlords, and terrifying ancient magics.

Tammen Gilmot, a young soldier defending the Empire’s colonial frontier, finds himself swept into this reckless new campaign. Disowned by his family, yet ill-fitted among his new comrades, to survive the coming war, he must learn to lead.”

I’ve had my copy of Gedlund for weeks now and really need to get to it. I think I can finally fit it in between the other books coming out in the next month. Maybe. (Crosses fingers)

So what’s on your short stack to read in the next few weeks? Leave me a comment and let me know. In the meantime I need to head downstairs to see what the fam is up to before we head out again. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

6 thoughts on “My TBR Short Stack: 2/17/18

  1. I really need to read Age of Assassins – I keep seeing reviews and shout outs to R. J. Barker and I definitely want in on the action! 😀 Love the sound of the other three books too, dragons and firefighters?! What’s not to love. 😀

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